Do you want to sing? Write songs? Improvise? Learn how to play and sing your own songs? Learn to speak the language of music? Learn about the music business?  You can do it and I can teach you how.

     My name is Patricia Bahia (pronounced ba-HEE-yah).  I am a Los Angeles-based singer songwriter, recording artist and music educator and coach. I started my career as a soloist with the acclaimed Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir--recording with Linda Rondstadt, performing with Joan Baez, and opening for Bonnie Rait.  You can hear my voice on numerous recordings including backup vocals on Grammy- and Emmy-winning recordings.  

     I am on a mission to share what I have learned, to spread love, healing, joy and peace through the power of words and music, and to inspire others to follow their dreams and live artistically. I will help you learn how to express your creativity, unleash your voice and self-expression, and to live your own creative dream.

     We will design your coaching sessions together, tailored to your goals, including any or all of the following:

Voice—Learn what your vocal instrument can do, and how to extend your range, improve your stamina, develop breath support, sing through your entire range without breaks, and how to use your voice to express authentic emotion.

Songwriting—Learn to write what’s in your heart.  I can help you put your ideas and emotions into music and share them with others. I am a graduate of Jai Josef’s acclaimed “Writing Music for Hit Songs” program and can coach on structure, melody, lyrics, groove and arrangement.

Performance—Learn microphone technique, phrasing, expression, delivering a song live or in studio for maximum impact and connection to your audience.

Creativity and Improvisation—Unleash your creativity by learning how to improvise melodies, words, or rhythms over chord changes.

Musicianship—Learn to be a real musician, not “just a singer” by learning about notation, chords, rhythms, how to transpose, how to find and set tempos, figure out keys, and chord progressions

Music Business—I can educate you on the basics of the music business, including copyrights, publishing, licensing, and performance rights organizations.

My clients are male and female, all ages, from grade school to retirees, beginners to professionals.

Sessions are available in Burbank, or I can travel to your home, or we can do lessons via Skype, Google Chat or FaceTime.  If I travel to your home, please note there is a one-hour minimum, and a travel fee depending upon the distance, time of day, etc.  Contact me through the contact tab of this website or call me at 310-963-5183 or email me at for more details and to set up a time.